Story of ele

ele was founded in 2012 to manufacture and market skincare products under the ele brand. The name ele is shortened from “albino (ele)phant" which represents royal, magnificent, rare and stunning look in thai belief.

Aiming to offer our customers simple to use skincare products that give the best results, ele introduced ele Mineral White Mask Plus as our first product to market in 2012. Since then, ele Mineral White Mask Plus has been recognised among celebrities and social network users across the country and become a famous skincare product in Thailand and overseas.

Nowadays we delicately create variety of products to serve the top-of-mind satisfactions for all ele users. We believe in not only effective result but also impressive experience for everyone.

Our Promise

We, ele, believe that the great results derive from the perfect combination of love, expertise, and joyfulness. We always delight when we create a new product with our ambition and empathy for our customers’ needs and crafting with our experiences.

In every product of ele comprises of quality ingredients that we selected with our skin care expertise to offer wonderful experiences and produced with the up-to-international-standard manufacturing that we closely oversight and control to deliver impressive experience and result under the ele brand.



ele from time to time

September 2012

ELE SHOP was founded “ele cream mask” was launched.

June 2013

ELE HAY CO., LTD. was founded “ele Mineral White Mask Plus” was introduced. (developed from ele cream mask)

February 2015

ELE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. were founded to handle the rapid sales growth in Thailand and China. ELE KOREA CO., LTD. was founded in Korea to handle major production of ele products.

September 2015

ELE first international official exhibition in Guangzhou, China

October 2015

ELE was first introduced to Korea in COEX Exhibition, Seoul, Korea

December 2015

ELE Supplementary Product Collection were launched